Sunday, 19 April 2009

How Things Started

I found his advert on the internet:

"Mature, attractive, solvent gentleman seeks petite, effeminate, young sissy to live with him as his obedient, young daughter. Your devotion to your new 'Daddy' will be absolute, but will be rewarded with a lifetimes' total love, care and affection. Reply in the first instance to the email address supplied."

My heart felt as though it had skipped several beats as I re-read the words on my screen. Was this exactly what I had known (yet not truly known) I'd been seeking all my life? I realised I needed to think about this massive step and change in my life, to seriously consider the implications. Five seconds later I clicked on the email address given.

I introduced myself and gave him my age and a description of my appearance and feelings. I told him that I had no ties and that I wished he would reply at his earliest convenience. I especially described my feelings for a need for a “Daddy” and that I was eminently suited: I was a “petite” sissy, just 4’ 10” tall, I had blonde, shoulder length hair, and a slim, hairless body. Oh, I also told him that my cock was an embarrassing 3” when erect and I was a virgin!

I pressed, "send" and realised that I'd taken the first steps to change my life and basically get the hell away from the one I had now.

I was sixteen year old; just left full-time education and lived with my alcoholic mother. My father had left us just after I was born, and if the truth were told, I couldn't blame him. I can hardly remember a day when my mother wasn't in some stages of her alcoholic's behaviour; either starting to drink, being ill from her habit; in the throes of getting herself pissed or being passed-out from drink. I actually marveled at myself that I'd got to be sixteen years old having a mother like her. I didn't actually hate my mother but I certainly didn't now love her in any other way than I realised she was "happy" when she was pissed, and that in itself allowed me to live my own life. I'd realised over the past few years that I was attracted to men - and I mean men - older, mature men who presented a "father" figure in my dreams and fantasies. I was intelligent enough to know that this was a very deep, psychological need to be loved by a "father" that I'd never known. Having unlimited access to the Internet, I knew I was gay and effeminate and indeed I loved wearing satin panties and rather "sissy" clothes around home. I’d occasionally wear a little lipstick and mascara and really liked the girly look which I’d created. Mother never noticed or seemed not to and she certainly never said anything to dissuade me from indulging myself. I'd had adolescent "crushes" on several teachers at school, but I'd never followed up on my feelings and, in fact, never even kissed a boy or a man. I knew that my needs were being repressed by my home environment and the area where I lived - sissies and "puffs" were just not tolerated - so I tried to fit in at school as best as I could and my non-attraction to girls was never a bone of contention with my classmates.

The next evening as I sat at my PC surfing a website where there were pictures of mature men showing their wonderful, manly cocks, I saw that I’d got a new email message. Closing the site, I opened the email and, with almost disbelief, saw that it was a reply to the one I’d sent the day before.

I could hardly contain my excitement at the wonderful way that James (his name) described himself and the hope that I was the one he’d been searching for over the previous couple of years. He suggested that we had a Cam hook-up later that evening and that we could discuss the situation. Bugger! I didn’t have a webcam and replied to that effect, though stressing that I would be ready to chat and view him at the time he’d suggested.

At 8pm I was sitting ready at my PC and logged into the chatroom where he said I was to go. I’d put on a pair of tight, white shorts and a short, pink vest-like top. I’d put on pink, glossy lipstick and used mascara on my long eyelashes. I logged in as he’d instructed: “daddy’s girl”. Even though he couldn’t see me, I wanted to be the real “me” for him. My little cock was getting erect inside my shorts as I waited with mounting excitement and I just hoped beyond hope, that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

A few moments later, James came online and I clicked on the “accept webcam transmission”. As his face came into view I saw a very handsome man: perhaps in his mid-fifties with neat-styled, gray hair, and we started to chat away, with him asking me questions and me answering him honestly, as his submissive, little daughter and, of course, with me always using his title, “daddy”.

At some point early on in our lengthy chat, daddy wanted to know my girly name. I told him that I’d not really thought about a name, so he immediately christened me “Candy”. I was very happy with this as it suited me perfectly. He also queried me as to my present situation in order to discover the truths behind my willingness to be his daughter; I didn’t hold anything back and he eventually said that he believed that I’d be perfect to his “needs”. In all truth I had to agree and nearly pleaded with him to accept me in the role to which he was seeing for me. I needn’t have worried.

He gave me a brief outline of what my new life would entail and that I would completely leave my current life behind me. He expected me to accept him totally as my new daddy and that our life together would be full of pleasures for us both as we lived together as daddy and daughter. I asked daddy how soon could we start our new life and he told me that he wanted to give me a few days to really think about things, so, if I was agreeable, he would send me money for some new clothes, a train ticket for my journey, and then meet me at the station in three days’ time. If I wasn’t on the train, he explained, then he would interpret that as I had had second thoughts and he wouldn’t communicate with me again. Daddy told me I was to use the toilet on the train to change into the more suitable clothes he was sending me money for and that I was to leave the “old me” behind on the train and enter my new life as Candy.

I promised daddy that I would do as he asked and we’d agreed on, as I wanted this life so much. Daddy told me he hoped so and that I was a good girl for being such a caring daughter. Daddy told me that at any time before he met me I could back out of our arrangements, but that there would be no going back for me if I took the symbolic step of when we met; I was to take hold of his hand and called him “daddy” to his face. I told him that I understood.

Just before we said “goodnight”, daddy asked me something that quite surprised me. He asked me whether I smoked cigarettes. I told him that I didn’t. He asked me would I be willing to smoke for him as, he explained, that he found the sight and scent of a pretty little girl like me smoking, such a big turn-on for him, and he further explained that he had a massive passion for that fetish. I told daddy that although I didn’t smoke I would do anything to please him. I really meant that too. Daddy was very pleased with my reply and told me to expect the money for the clothes and the train ticket the next day and that he would be waiting for me at the station in two days’ time.

We said a sweet goodnight to each other and daddy blew me a kiss. His parting comment was to tell me not to “play” with myself whatsoever, as that need was now forever under his control. I promised that I wouldn’t and I knew, with a strange delight, that my “daddy” was now really my daddy indeed! I kissed the screen of my PC as his image faded and I was back once again in my own room and a life that I knew I had to escape.

The very next morning a courier delivered a small package addressed to me. It contained the promised money - £200 – and a one-way rail ticket. I silently thanked my new daddy. I really knew that I could go though with our plans and that I wanted so much to live the fantasy-like life that he’d promised. Mother was still in bed, sleeping off her drinking session of the previous evening, so I put the money into a pocket, put on my coat and set off to town for an exciting and new experience – shopping for clothes for my new life.

Saturday. I picked up my bag and walked down the train carriage to the toilet and entered.

Twenty minutes later, I admired myself in the small mirror attached to the carriage wall and liked what I saw. My “old life” clothes were stuffed into a carrier bag on the floor and pushed into the corner. I was now the girl I wanted to be. I wore tight, white satin panties, white ankle socks and a short, pretty, pink and white, short-sleeved dress that accentuated my slim waist and flared slightly at the hips. My smooth legs looked lovely and shapely; the flat, t-bar, black shoes on my small feet looked ever so pretty. I’d put my blonde hair into two bunches using pink “bobbles” and applied glossy pink lipstick, a little brown eye-shadow, and accentuated my eyes with black mascara on my long eyelashes. A little blusher completed my makeup and I thought that I looked ever so pretty. I also “felt” pretty and my whole mind changed now that I was, to me, a perfect, young teen girl. I really felt like a girl. I was submissive, and loving, and delicate, and vulnerable. In short, it was a delicious feeling. I put on the new black and pink patterned casual jacket and put my makeup into my small, pretty handbag, checked my makeup again in the mirror, unbolted the toilet door and walked out into a whole, new and exciting life, closing the door behind me firmly. The symbolism wasn’t wasted on me – this was the start of Candy’s life.

I walked up the carriage and found a seat next to the window. As I sat down I instinctively smoothed my skirt and delicately crossed my legs. The sight wasn’t wasted on the gentleman sitting in the seat at the opposite side of the carriage, and I smiled to myself with complete pleasure at how I really was the girl that I needed to be. I looked at my watch and, trying to control my mounting excitement, gazed out of the window, and watched the scenery go by as I tried to pass the next hour in idle thoughts, until I would be meeting my new daddy and would, hopefully, be in love forever.

As the train pulled in at the station my tummy was a knot of butterflies. I stood and walked to the carriage door holding my pretty handbag and tried to appear calm and collected. Finally the train stopped and a gentleman opened the door and allowed me to alight before him. I looked towards the platform exit and there stood my “Daddy”: very tall, strong, tanned, immaculately dressed in the finest of suits and very, very handsome. He was smiling and took a few steps towards me. I couldn’t resist the impulse I felt and started running towards him. He caught me in his strong arms and easily lifted me up. I kissed him and said, “I’ve missed you so much, Daddy”. My lovely Daddy held me tightly, just as any father and daughter who were being reunited would, and called me “his beautiful daughter” and kissed me back in a paternal way. Daddy put me down and we walked hand in hand through the ticket exit and out of the train station.

Stopping beside a beautiful, Midnight Blue Daimler, Daddy’s chauffer opened the doors and we got in. I sat beside my new Daddy and he tenderly pulled me close to him with his arm around my shoulders and smiled. “You have made me so very happy today, my dear, and I assure you that as your Daddy I shall cherish and love and care for you with all my heart”. Daddy leaned down to my upturned face and gave me another kiss, but this time it was passionate and I felt his lovely, large tongue open my lips and enter my mouth. I kissed Daddy back and sucked on his loving tongue, my eyes closed as he held me tight and made me feel so loved and safe and sexy.

Daddy told me that we had quite a drive to my new home with him and so I might as well get comfortable and take off my new jacket. I did as Daddy told me and folded it neatly, placing it on the seat beside me. Daddy asked me if I wanted a drink and when I said “yes please, Daddy”, he seemed really happy as he got me a Coca Cola with a straw. Daddy put his strong arm around me as we drove along and he told me about my new home and my life with him as his daughter. He chatted away as I sucked on the straw until I’d finished my drink, his eyes never leaving my adoring gaze. As I finished my drink, Daddy took the empty drink and tidied it away. He then got a packet of cigarettes and a gold cigarette lighter from the cocktail cabinet and gave them to me. “From now on, my sweet princess, you’ll be a smoker for your Daddy, so open the packet and have your first cigarette!” Unfamiliar with a packet of cigarettes, I eventually got them open and took one out and placed it between my pink-lipsticked lips. My Daddy took the lighter and lit my very first cigarette, as the true gentleman he is. I carefully inhaled the cigarette smoke and took the cigarette daintily between my fingers, noticing my lipstick on the filter, as I carefully exhaled in as feminine a fashion as I could. Daddy smiled and told me that I looked such a sexy, feminine girl smoking a cigarette and he was very pleased with me. He told me to put the cigarettes and lighter in my handbag and also informed me that I was never to be without them from now on. The taste of the cigarette was totally new to me but wasn’t unpleasant and I felt as though I was doing something “naughty” by smoking, but also at the same time I knew that I was pleasing my Daddy and that was all I wanted in life.

As I practiced smoking my first cigarette, Daddy explained that for the first couple of weeks of our life together, he expected me to smoke at least one cigarette per hour until I’d got totally addicted, and from thence on he expected me to always have a cigarette lit whilst I was awake. I simply said, “Yes Daddy, of course I will” to his order and he hugged me close and kissed me again on my lips. I felt so safe and cozy and at the same time so excited to be with my new Daddy and starting my new life as his perfect, sissy daughter and I hugged him back.

I carefully tapped the ash from my cigarette reaching across Daddy to the ashtray in the door beside him, and as I did so, Daddy put his hand up under my short dress and fondled my bottom though my new, satin panties. It felt so lovely that I didn’t move and simply sank onto Daddy’s thighs and enjoyed his complete control over me; his large, strong hands roving sensuously over my pantied bottom and the hard bump of his trousers developing which was hard against my ribs. I so wanted to find out what Daddy’s man-cock looked like but somehow knew that Daddy had to do all the leading to be in control over me. I felt Daddy’s fingers slip inside my satin panties and start to caress the underside of my freshly-shaven scrotum and I couldn’t help but moan with the pleasure. Daddy said, “what a lovely, tight sissy-sack you have, Candy, my sweet, Daddy will be fondling you lots there, my sweet, but,” he slipped his fingers from just inside my panties and caressed my rounded bottom again, “let’s wait until we get home and you are settled in, until all the delights of our lovely life together are exposed!” He gently eased me off his lap and I sat back on the seat again and told him that I couldn’t wait. I could feel my cheeks burning with a blush and dropped my eyes from his gaze. Daddy cupped my chin and turned my face up to him. He kissed me deeply and probed my mouth with his large, wet tongue. “I’m so pleased that you blush so sweetly, my darling daughter,” he said breaking the kiss, “I know that we will be so happy together.”